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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
- Anais Nin


The Pleasure Studio's mission is to empower modern women to be fully emotionally and sexually fulfilled while living lives free from emotional pain.

Our unique approach is the result of nearly 40,000 professional clinical hypnosis sessions, and results in rapid, permanent changes to identity, beliefs and behaviors.

This approach to change-work results in a nearly 100% success rate for our clients. Rather than refer to it as ‘therapy’ we prefer to call it training for your mind. It is our belief that people aren’t broken, but that most are often doing certain behaviors or have certain thoughts that will never lead to their goals.

We also discovered that the root of most emotional and behavioral problems for women was to be found in an inhibited or blocked sexuality. When the sexuality is freed, long-held limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviors fall away easily as a woman is able to finally embrace her own power and her authentic feminine identity. The simple truth is that a woman can be neurotic or orgasmic,

but not both!

My mentor Mark Cunningham brought this rapid and powerful technology to the world through events in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.  I have had the privilege of co-teaching Mark’s seminars around the world for over ten years, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, From Medellin, Colombia, to Bangkok, Thailand. Mark has passed this amazing Trance technology to me with his blessings.

 The Pleasure Studio's methodology is designed to remove stress, eliminate negativity from memories, enhance imagination, open people up to sensuality, instill the ability for women to experience full-body orgasms at will, and to allow the healthy expression of primal sexuality in every area of life.  Unleashing a woman’s feminine potential will inevitably lead to powerful, permanent change throughout every area of her personal and professional life.




Josh Hoy

Laguna Beach

Los Angeles


Mark Cunningham





Mr. Josh Hoy came into my life swiftly as if he were sent by the angels. He showed up at a time of great need. I was struggling to over come a great darkness, chaotic emotional turmoil, and tremendous suffering. Just after one brief session I was left in a state of peace and calm. I felt completely light hearted and free. We worked together several more times and he literally helped save me from a very dangerous situation. After working with him my own life began to change in many beautiful ways. I overcame an alcohol addiction and was able to rid my life of all toxic, unhealthy situations and people. He is a divinely inspired earth angel, full of light and love. He is an anointed healer and he has a brilliant gift. I believe with my whole heart he has been sent here to help.
Sincerely in gratitude, light
and love.


For most of my life I believed I could not be hypnotized and I even had a bit of a phobia about it, but Josh changed all that. He provides such a comforting and safe space that I was easily able to let my guard down and let the healing begin. I’ve experienced a lot of trauma in recent years that broke my heart and left massive wounds that stripped me of my power and confidence as a woman in this world. Even after only one session, I already feel more comfortable in my own skin and like a heavy weight has been lifted. I feel ready to let the past go and embrace exciting adventures with my new lover.

Melissa S.

You are given a sense of worth, value and self-confidence. You can achieve immeasurable pleasure by letting go and giving Josh the opportunity to guide you to a place of ecstasy. He helps you to open yourself up to discover that you have the opportunity to learn how to give and receive pleasure, while building a better path for yourself. You get to feel free, happier, younger, sexier, and have a clear head to help you make better choices. As you get further into the sessions, you’ll feel a huge change and so will everyone around you. You become a source of positivity and you share that with everyone around you. I highly recommend you take a chance on self-discovery!

Miss D.

Josh is a master communicator, his voice has the quintessential hypnotic qualities that just can’t be copied. I’ve known Josh to be a man of impeccable character, with a solid commitment to integrity and to doing the right thing in every circumstance. As a hypnotist, I’ve had the awe-inspiring opportunity to sit in on a few demonstration sessions, and I’ve seen him laser focus on obstacles which were keeping his clients from achieving their goals and watched as he helped them burn through those obstacles to achieve levels of bliss that are impossible to describe in mere words. If you have the chance to work with Josh, JUMP ON IT!



“Josh takes the darkness out of the buzzword ‘dominance’ and brings it back to its true visceral, carnal power that feels like soaring on a wave of blissful inner permission to give in to my desire to submit to his male energy. 
I trust him inherently, because he comes from a place of celebrating the desire to submit as a fundamental female sexual need.
Josh IS 100% genuine, emanating unabashed confidence in his dominance, with the subtlety, sensuality and compassion to elicit absolute trust and eagerness to let go and open our minds completely to him. I feel utterly safe and primally alive working with him, and have already experienced more inner orgasmic freedom than I have since I discovered masturbation at 11.
I wouldn’t trust very many people with my psyche, let alone my sexual psyche.
But Josh is caring and compassionate at his core, and it shines through as the foundation of his work. 
I feel so strongly that both masculinity and femininity desperately need this type of healing work in our present social climate, and I couldn’t be more excited to have been lucky enough to experience it through such a capable, insightful, virile, and deliciously sexy practitioner as Josh. Josh brought me to the place I needed to be to meet and keep the man of my dreams. Josh “turned the lights on” in a way that allowed me to truly give myself to my man. I will be forever grateful.”


Vulnerability typically frightens me; consequently, my initial response to this unfamiliar modality was one of skepticism, and, I admit, one of fear. Nevertheless, I was compelled to learn more and, after speaking to Josh, felt reassured enough to surrender my fear. Josh has the ability to make a person feel safe, secure and free of expectation.
Any remaining apprehension I may have felt quickly dissipated after we met, as Josh explained the intention and goals of the session. His integrity, empathy, commitment as well as his obvious joy for the incredible work that he does emanates from him. During the session, I was fully present, yet I felt I was in a new and very safe place. The absence of pressure of any kind gave me the opportunity, peace of mind and clarity to better feel what was true for me. What came to light was profound, beautiful, blissful, freeing and, yes, very much pleasure filled. I never expected to be able to relax my mind and body enough to be able to take instruction, or to travel so deeply inward, or to be able to cry, and to respond in any way that I might previously have thought to be “embarrassing”. In the past I may have felt shame or guilt, but I only experienced positive emotions. I felt and continue feel grateful, capable, more beautiful and stronger as a person in every way.  I have gained greater clarity as to who I truly am, what I need, and what I truly want.
Josh is gifted and sincere. I believe he is so successful and competent at what he does because he truly, and with all of his being, wants to help others to heal and to be of service. For those seeking the same or similar, I sincerely believe Josh can help guide you in a beautiful and heartfelt way. I am very much looking forward to my future sessions with Josh and to the deeply gratifying experience of feeling completely supported in becoming the happiest, most satisfied and most empowered version of myself that I can be, for myself, for my family and for all those I truly love.


“Journey of the mind
Begins with a flash
of blue
Wide smile of a little boy
in a man's
Dark warrior
with a golden blood heart

Coaxing my delicate feminine
out of the shadows
and into the Light
Swimming through
thick sludge of debris
made into hard stones of coal
by time and

The echoes of his voice
soften the edges
warm my inner Faerie
so she can
find the magic to
cast it away
into the
cauldron of blue
Casting a spell of
and desires
Shattering demons
making way for
the pink glow of
self love
carried on 
delicate white
butterfly wings

Ripples of warmth
wave through each cell of
my being
Starting in my womb
flowing through
my blood
until my Soul
is glowing hot with
eager to be filled

New kitten 
grows into 
her Jaguar Queen
All tucked away
in an envelope
stored in my Heart

With Love and Blessings...”


After my 1st session with Josh, there was a difference, one which was very noticeable. I was more relaxed. I was filled with positive thoughts and renewed self confidence. I felt as if I was glowing inside and out. He pushed away the negatives and made room for all the positive and wonderful changes to come. I feel sexier and more confident than ever before, which is amazing. Each session with Josh is a life changing one. I'm ready to take on all of the challenges that come my way.

Dahlia B.

Joshua holds a large space for transformation. In sessions, I have felt safe to allow whatever I need to, to arise. And, if need be, to unpack it in our conversation right after the session. Feeling safe to have WHATEVER experience I need to is so important for me in any kind of transformational work. I appreciate the container that Joshua holds very much. My results continue to unfold. My freedom of expression continues to expand. I include Joshua’s work, in this space, as an important part of my ever-unfolding journey.

Michelle B.



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